Typeface Triptych Poster

Didot Typeface

For this project, I was required to choose a typeface and its corresponding typographer to research and create either a book or a triptych poster with. I chose Didot as my typeface and decided that I wanted to center my layouts around theme of fashion, for which Didot is most prominently used for. In the end, I chose a poster format as it was a format I had previously not done. It was required that the poster could work together as a whole, as well as seperately when divided into three parts.

Poster Left

Poster Middle

Poster Right

Project Details

Design Process

To begin this project, I researched Didot, Adrian Frutiger, and Firmin Didot, and composed a 500 word essay on their histories. I then began to sketch for an image bank that I could draw upon for when I created the piece as a whole. The image bank consisted of layouts for sections: Type as Image, Design Quote, Alphabet Showcase, and Type Specimen. Then, I attempted to compile the images together to create two posters, and revise upon the one that better fit the assignment.

Research and Sketches

Typographer Research rough draft

Type as Image Layouts

Design Quote Layouts

Alphabet Showcase Layouts

Type Specimen Layout

Experimental Poster Layouts

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