Illustrated Article

Project Details

Digital - Procreate

Size: 15" x 20"

For this art piece, I was tasked to create an illustration to go with the article, "Why We Keep So Many Secrets", by several Psychology Today contributors. The image was open ended as long as the final piece reflected the overall message, which was that there are many reasons to keep secrets, and that one feels better keeping a secret if they have a conviction of why they keep it.

This project was a culmination of three weeks of effort. One week was for ideation and thumbnailing, the second was for a full line drawing, and the last was for the fully painted image. I attempted to grasp that the person keeping the secret had a choice by choosing to place a zipper over his lips and a calm look on his face. I then used several different brushstrokes to create a sense of movement in the piece since the subjects were in a very stagnant position.

Ideation and Line Drawing