True Beauty

Project Details

Micron Pen and Copic Marker

Size: 11" x 14"

True Beauty is a project that was a response to a brief that required us to create a piece that made a statement on a topic that we chose. Originally, this piece had to have words on the project that would give its viewers a clue as to what the image was communicating.

The phrase that I had chosen was, "WhY dIdNT yOu CAll mE?", as True Beauty is a nod to modern society, especially those around their 20s, and how it is filled with people who are desperately trying to adhere to impossible beauty standards. It happens so much so, that people forget who they are on the inside, thus the attractive body with grotesque and monstrous head features. 

As a whole this project showed me the importance of contrast and hue, and how they can be used to emphasize certain areas of an image. It also challenged my skills in perspective as I chose not to use a reference photo for the woman's body in order to further maximize the beauty standard that I see in my own mind. The references for the head and hair are then pictured below.