Global Warming Poster

Project Details

Digital - Procreate

Size: 15" x 20"

For this project, I was required to create an illustration that encompassed the topic of global warming. This brief was open ended, as long as the end result allowed its viewers to believe that the work was indefinitely about global warming. I had several ideas, but ultimately chose to relate global warming to the subject of money, and how it adds fuel to the fire.

This piece was created in three weeks with one week dedicated to ideation and thumbnails, another to the line drawing, and the last for the fully painted illustration. To emphasize the topic of global warming, I composed the piece so that the match and globe would be near center of the frame and brightly lit in contrast to the dark and ominous surroundings. I also used a multitude of brushes in order to create different textures for wood, skin, cardboard, globe, and fire.

Ideation & Line Drawing