Netflix and Chill

Project Details


Size: 24" x 36"

Netflix and Chill was a painting that originated from one of the drawings in my Life Drawing class. In relation to my chosen theme of death and rebirth, I had prompted myself to create four paintings that would symbolize death and another four for the other half of the semester that would symbolize life.

This artwork was one of the pieces that symbolized death. It is another reference to something that happens and has continually happened no matter what generation we are in--sexual assault and the lack of boundaries. Many generations have many words and phrases of it, but one of the ways it happens in our generation today is through the entire concept behind the phrase, "Netflix and chill". This piece was one of many that challenged me to create a narrative out of what resources I already have in front of me. Below are the references I used along with the original drawing it was based on from a present model.