Type Fundamentals Book

Humanizing The Homeless

In this project, I was asked to show my proficiency in the fundamentals of typography and graphic design. Using predetermined text taken from the website of photographer, Leah Den Bok, I created twenty five layouts divided evenly in the sections: Type, Scale, Axis, Graphic Elements, and Image. The result was a demonstration of how I have learned to gradually apply each element of design, until a cohesive and effective body of work emerges.

Project Details

Design Process

For each section of this project, I was required to produce 15 sketches for the corresponding section, apply the best five into computer iterations, and revise upon each one. Below you will find a few of my research images, some of the sketches I created in order to get started with the process, and a final spread for each section.

Research, Sketches, Images

Final Layout for Each Section




Graphic Elements


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