I F*cking Lost It

Project Details


Size: 22" x 28"

This artwork is another piece that originated from my Life Drawing class at San Diego State University. It is another of the works that symbolized death in my theme of death and rebirth. In this narrative, I placed a woman on the street with lots of people in business suits ignoring her and walking around her. It is meant to speak on the busy nature of our lives today, and how many times those with heavy struggles tend to be overlooked, when in reality many people feel the same way.

This project challenged my skills in perspective. While I may still have a long way to go, I did my best with the short time frame I had and I am proud of the partial success. I did this by attempting to make the objects closer to the viewer larger and more detailed, while making farther objects smaller and less detailed. I also learned different ways to add nuance to skin tones by adding green, red, or purple to certain areas. Below I have placed the different references I used to create this piece, alongside the original drawing created during one of my life drawing sessions.