Take A Hit

Project Details

Acrylic, Oil

Size: 16" x 20"

Take A Hit was inspired by a vintage tobacco advertisement for Tiparillo Cigars. The project brief was to create a collage painting consisting of four to five different images painted together to create a different reality. I chose the images of a robot mannequin, a bong and marijuana, a statue's broken head, a single island on an ocean, and a spilling coffee mug to create a response to the sexist advertisement in an abstract way.

This project responds to the original ad in a way that sexualizes male body parts over female parts, and brings a modern twist to the imagery by advertising marijuana instead of cigars. The robotic male alludes that the enticement of making marijuana use appear sexy is bland and generic, while the broken statue head suggests that this is just a perception of the mind. I struggled most in this painting to tie the different images together to create the perspectives and unity that I needed as a whole. Some parts of the painting needed to be imagined as opposed to creating from reference, which is a skill that I found to be very valuable during this process.

Progress Layers