Suscitatio Terminus

Project Details

Digital - Adobe Illustrator

Size: ~12' x 7'

Suscitatio Terminus is a commissioned mural that stands to this day inside San Diego State University's Love Library. I was tasked with this project by SDSU's Center for Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age (HDMA) lab to create an art piece that promotes their efforts in San Diego in helping accomplish the 18 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Suscitatio Terminus means "Border Awakening", as the piece was also meant to bring awareness to the many issues in San Diego that also affect our border with Mexico like access to clean water, homelessness, safety of public transit, and families being separated. Each spoke within the iris of the eye is meant to tackle a different U.N. goal, and the whites of the eyes are meant to honor the land of the Native Americans that we thrive upon. The four figures in the corners are there to represent a harmony with nature as well as a harmony between ethnicities, races, genders, and occupational practices.

Among these photos are the team of people I collaborated with in order to conceptualize and bring this mural to life including but not limited to faculty and staff, Dr. Gabriela Fernandez and Karenina Zaballa, who I continually met with for this project.