The 95

Project Details

Digital - Procreate

Size: 8.5" x 11"

This comic will be published as a part of San Diego State University's 2022-2023 edition of the book, Word Balloons, by the school's Illustration and Visual Odyssey students. Written and illustrated by myself, The 95 is a short snippet about a world where robots are prominent and all people are sterilized at birth. They are not allowed to have children unless they pass certain tests, so the story follows a young couple who applies for this process.

Like Adventures of Captain Boogerman, the project brief for this is the same, for students to illustrate a one page story that is both clear in readability and visually striking. Done in the style of our choosing, this piece experimented with researching different characters that I wanted my audience to connect to, and composing my panels in a way that best supported my  goals. Below are the different reference images I used in the creation of this artwork, as well as the initial loose sketch for the comic itself.

Draft & References